CYM Health is part of the Climb Your Mountain charity and the objective is to provide a range of free educational products focused on helping anyone improve their health and wellbeing. Currently there are six books and online video workshops that provide information, insight and knowledge so people can benefit and improve their understanding on the following:

  • Managing Stress & Preventing Depression
  • Understanding & Building Confidence
  • Motivation, Achievement & Challenges
  • The Real Benefits of Exercise
  • Weight Loss & Healthy Eating
  • How to Sleep Better!

The books are available from Amazon, iTunes and iBooks as well as from CYM at selected events. They are designed to be user-friendly, easy to read and practical and are beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their own health and wellbeing and be better placed to help others.
The online video workshops on each topic are about one hour in length but broken down into shorter segments. They are easy to follow and although not as detailed as the books they still provide lots of useful and beneficial information and advice.

CYM Health is primarily funded by donations and sponsors (please help support us!) and also from people taking part in trips and challenges as part of CYM Challenges – please see www.cymchallenges.org

We also have a facebook page – www.facebook.com/cymhealth

Please let friends, family and colleagues know about CYM Health so others can benefit from what we offer. Thank you!
Here is a short video called 'Climb Your Mountain – a metaphor for life' about hope and depression. (link to the video)